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Film Faced Plywood
A high performance and resilient plywood

Film Faced Birch plywood is high quality light weight uniform multi layered plywood panel made throughout from machine composed birch veneers and faced with dense phenolic tego film. It is bonded with thermosetting, exterior quality phenolic resin adhesives commonly known as WBP (Weather and Boil Proof) and is compliant California ARB regulations on formaldehyde emissions. It also complies with European E1 standard.

Film face Birch Plywood is ultimate in Plywood having excellent physical and mechanical properties. The rigid laminated surface not only prevents moisture absorption but also ensures excellent abrasion resistance in aggressive conditions and smooth finish to concrete formwork.

Birch Plywood has been designed to suit any and every application needs of construction industry where durability, versatility, high bending strength, rigidity, stability, accuracy and tolerance to humidity parameters of performance value are critical.

A minimum of twenty repetitions without any delamination on either side can be achieved when used and handled in keeping with safe and prudent practices of construction industry.

Availability options:

Film face Birch Plywood is made in a range of thickness from 6mm to 40mm with films of 120 gsm and 220 gsm with and without logo on film surface.

However, the commonly available Ex-Stock thickness is

12mm x 9 ply
18mm x 13 ply.

The most commonly available dimension is 2440mm x 1220mm having a 120 gsm film in 9mm and 12mm and 220 gsm film in 18mm thickness.

Special size of 1525mm x 3050mm x 9mm & 12mm is also available with prior arrangement in both 120 gsm and 220 gsm film.

Technical specifications

Parameters Values
Density kg/cubic meter 640-700
Moisture Content % 8-10
Minimum Ultimate strength MPa  
    Shear along the glue layer 1.5
    Static bending along the grain (Outer layer) 25
    Tension along the grain 30
    Minimum elastic module, MPa 7000



Eximcorp India Pvt Ltd, does not assume any responsibility or admits any liability whatsoever for the number of uses or re-uses or repetitions or damages to the sheets or concrete surface quality for reasons not attributable to manufacturing defects or for several other factors affecting the performance of the product. In the event of any occasional delamination in excess of the AQL (Acceptance Quality Level) of 3% established by the trade practices and also so declared by the seller hereby, the replacement of delaminated sheets or the surface area so observed shall me made expeditiously by the Seller or refund of value thereof as soon as possible without any further or other consequential or other losses.


Birch Plywood

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