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Eucaply® CCX/CDX Structural Plywood

Eucaply - Structural Plywood Eucaply - Structural Plywood Eucaply - Structural Plywood Eucaply - Structural Plywood Eucaply - Structural Plywood Eucaply - Structural Plywood

Eucaply® CCX and CDX is a sustainable plywood product derived from plantation grown pine and eucalyptus trees grown and cultivated in Uruguay according to well-managed forestry practices and offers excellent performance, aesthetic, and environmental benefits.

Competitively pricedEucaply® CCX/CDX panels boast top certifications, including PS 1-07 and CE 2+ EN636 certification and technical documentation.

These high-qualities, sustainable panels are designed for construction and industrial use such as packaging, shelves, partitions and decking etc.

Eucaply® Structural Panels are truly WBP (Exterior) light density high performance panels bonded with low emitting formaldehyde resin. The panels are made with machine composed core to guarantee the best performance value. To ensure, dimensional stability of the panel, the central ply consists of two face to face laminated veneers in case of even plies constructed Plywood.

This unique technology provides the dimensional stability in the rigorous conditions involving wide changes in the atmospheric humidity.

Key Benefits

  • Highly wear resistant
  • Resistant to most aggressive environments, including chemicals
  • Higher water resistance, boiling waterproof
  • Hard surface, durable and stable
  • Fresh indoor air quality, free from toxic VOCs
  • Resistance to temperature variation: through a range of -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F), comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes


  • PEFC certified products are also available under the chain of custody programs on prior arrangement.

Mean Test Values - Imperial Units

Composition   All - Eucalyptus Pine/Eucalyptus
Thickness   15mm 18mm 15mm 18mm
References   TECO 09-P-0026 TECO 08-P-0127Weyco WSE09-004 TECO 09-C-0027 TECO 06-P-0180Weyco 09-004
Span Rating in/in 40/20(3) 48/24(3) 40/20(3) 48/24(3)
Group Rating       Group 1(3)  
Average Weight Kg 23.3(3) 27.7(3) 24.6(3) 29.2(3)
Density (6%MC) Kg/m3 503(3) 503(3) 537(3) 533(3)
MOEP - Parallel N/mm2 8,110(3) 8,730(3) 8,130(3) 8,260(3)
MOEP - Perpendicular N/mm2 2,590(3) 2,460(3) 2,700(3) 3,160(3)
MORP - Parallel N/mm2 31.3(3) 32.0(3) 29.2(3) 31.2(3)
MORP- Perpendicular N/mm2 16.8(3) 15.1(3) 25.6(3) 22.6(3)
Maximum Shrinkage - Parallel Percent   0.21   0.33
Maximum Shrinkage - Perpendicular Percent   0.28   0.30
Screw Withdrawal(1) - Face N   1330   1670
Screw Withdrawal(1) - End N   1100   1290
Screw Withdrawal(1) - Edge N   1005   1250
Staple Withdrawal(2) - Face N   961   1090
Staple Withdrawal(2) - End N   992   1240
Staple Withdrawal(2) - Edge N   1290   1150



  • Waterproof,
  • Strong and light
  • Meets EUTR standards,
  • Meets European E1 formaldehyde emission requirements (EN 120:1992) and also California ARB regulation P2


  • 100% natural whole piece or spliced Eucalyptus or Pine Veneers of 3mm and/or 3.6mm thickness throughout the plywood having open knots and occasional open splits or joints in the core.


  • Phenolic resin cross-bonded weather resistant gluing according to EN 314-2 class 3 exterior.

Effect of humidity and moisture

  • Wood veneer is a living material and is subject to moisture movement according to surrounding conditions, which affects the flatness of panels. It is important to condition the panels to reach a moisture content near to the equilibrium of their permanent environment.

  • Like other wood-based panel products, Birch Plywood is also hygroscopic and its dimensions change in response to a change in humidity. A change of 1% in moisture content typically increases or decreases the length, width and thickness by 1% in dimensions and thickness. It is therefore desired that the edges are sealed with a suitable acrylic paint to prevent and/or control ingress of moisture and humidity and consequent swell in thickness and expansion in dimensions.

  • The recommended stocking conditions are 20°C and a RH of air of about 60%

Storage conditions:

  • The recommended stocking conditions are 20°C and a RH of air of about 60%.


  • Furniture
  • Interior linings
  • Shop fittings
  • Wooden Homes
  • Container floors
  • Driving ramps
  • Construction scaffolding
  • Cold storage cargo holds
  • Traffic signs and notices
  • Building and construction
  • Trade and storage equipment
  • Carcass and upholstered furniture
  • Silos:
  • Packaging, Crates & Boxes,

Availability options:

  • Eucaply® CDX/CCX Plywood is made in a range of thickness from 12mm to 21mm
  • The most commonly available dimension is 2440mm x 1220mm.

Technical Data Sheets
Eucaply Structural Plywood MSDS
pdf Eucaply - Producers Declared Characterstics
Eucaply - CE-TDS-002 15mm
Eucaply - CE-TDS-001 18mm
pdf Eucaply - CE-TDS-005 21mm
pdf Eucaply - CE-TDS-004 22mm
Environmental Policy

Related knowledge documents :
pdf US Lacey Act - Declaration Form
pdf FAQ- The US Lacey Act
pdf EPA Wood Composite FAQ
pdfUS EPA formaldehyde-emission-standard

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