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High Density MDF

pinepanels® is a specialty, application driven High Density MDF, engineered to meet the challenges in design and performance. Its constituent wood fiber is Radiata Pine grown in the native plantations in Australia, New Zealand and United States. The wood used in the manufacture is free from pollution by previous use or presence of foreign substances that saves on cost of tools and helps smooth production flow at ends user’s factories.

Constituent Radiata Pine in New Zealand & Australia and Spruce and Douglas Fir in USA being non-resinous softwood yields light weight fibers, more or less uniform in its density which ensures a significantly higher compression of fiber and resin in the same density of MDF Panel made from hardwood like Rubber wood or Eucalyptus or Re-cycled wood fibers. Usage of low formaldehyde emission UF or MUF resin makes it an environment friendly and safe MDF product for your home and office.

Our MDF Panels are brightest in the market in color and appearance. This ensures fewer colors application to achieve desired finish.

It is unrivalled in its quality and performance pinepanels® High Density MDF is the hallmark of consumer’s confidence in the Indian MDF market to-day.

While pinepanels® High Density MDF has literally innumerable interior applications in the cabinet-making, shop fitting, furniture and building industries, Hand crafted souvenirs etc, its excellent machining and finishing attributes combined with good working properties and availability of
® High Density MDF in a wide range of sheet thicknesses and sizes makes it a first choice MDF panel.

It must not be exposed to wet or high humidity conditions!

Value added variants such as Exterior and High Performance High Density MDF is being extended into powder coating application, shop fitting and display, interior fitments as well as components within numerous other products. The term ‘High Performance MDF’ refers to High Density MDF (HDF) specially engineered to withstand specific application requirements of the panel.

Key Benefits

  • High performance and Seamless finish
  • Light colour, durable and hard sanded surface
  • Routable, machinable
  • Low formaldehyde emissions, meets or exceeds the European E1 and California ARB regulation No 93120.2 on Phase 2,US EPA Regulation No : RIN:2070-AJ44, CFR:40 CFR Part 770.
  • Fresh indoor air quality, free from toxic VOCs
  • Resistance to temperature variation: through a range of -40°C
    to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F), comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes


  • Sanded surfaces,
  • Dimensionally accurate & stable.
  • Strong and light
  • CNC Routable and can be machined,
  • Meets EUTR standards,
  • Meets European E1 formaldehyde emission requirements
    (EN 622-1:2003) and also California ARB regulation No. 93120.2 as applicable to Phase 2 and EPA regulation on wood composite.


  • 100% natural plantation grown wood fibers from Soft wood.


  • UF and/or MUF low emitting resin.

Effect of humidity and moisture

  • Wood Fibers is a living material and is subject to moisture movement according to surrounding conditions, which affects the flatness and thickness swell of panels. .It is important to condition the panels to reach a moisture content near to the equilibrium of their permanent environment. The recommended stocking conditions are 20°C and a RH of air of about 60%.

Storage conditions:

The recommended stocking conditions are 20°C and a RH of air of about 60%.


pinepanels® of high density MDF is also available under chain of custody programs of PEFC on prior arrangement. Please check availability.

pinepanels® of high density MDF is also certified for conformity with California ARB regulation No. 93120.2 as applicable to Phase 2. Please check availability.


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