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Kiln Dried Lumbers
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Spruce White Wood

White Wood lumbers present a straight grained light wood with uniform texture that is largely attributed to slow and consistent growth patterns. As a result, White Wood lumbers have the highest weight to strength ratio making it an attractive solution for both interior and exterior construction work, including boat building. Closely knit fibers of White Wood Spruce give it the ability to stand up to the elements and present well as an outdoor siding or on decks and balconies.

The unique composition of white Wood Spruce is ideal for basic construction and specialized applications requiring exceptional acoustic properties such as wall panelling and is extensively used in the construction of pianos, guitars, violins and other musical instruments where acoustical properties are an integral part of engineering.

Its buoyant properties and lightness makes it the first choice of any engineered application where performance value is paramount.

Working Properties

icon machine blade Machining
icon hammer Nailing
icon screw Screwing
icon gumming Gluing
icon paint brust Finishing

Availability options

Hand selected and re-graded lumbers are generally available in following cross sections in several lengths, kiln dried to a maximum of 18% moisture content and surfaced on all four sides with edged edges.

19mm x 89mm/140mm
21.5mm x 105mm
27mm x 105mm/120mm
30mm x 105mm/120mm
38mm x 89mm
45mm x 90mm/95mm

Other dimensions can also be made available with prior arrangement

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